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This past Saturday, I had the opportunity to go watch my hometown Twins play the Houston Astros. With a match up of Brian Moehler and Scott Baker, I expected an easy win for the Twinkies. However, that was not the case as they lost 6-5.

What surprised me is that Brendan Harris led off the bottom of the 1st with a homer, and Delmon Young, yes that Delmon Young who can’t hit the broadside of the Metrodome, hit a homer in the second.

Whatever happened to Young’s potential? Scouts raved about him before the ’08 season, but since then everyone is claiming he’s a bust? Seriously, the Twins seem to have gotten fleeced this time in the trade for Young and Harris for Garza and Bartlett. About time that the Twins tasted their own medicine. However, I don’t think one can make an accurate claim quite yet that the Twins got the short end of the trade. Give it another year or so. For example, most thought the Twins got the shaft when they traded AJ Pierzynski to the Giants for Boof Bonser, Joe Nathan, and Francisco Liriano. Well, after a few years, we all know who got the better end of that deal.

Needless to say, trade evaluation is difficult to objectively accomplish until several years after the trade (think the Michael Vick conundrum in 2001 where the Chargers traded down to number 5 and got LaDainian Tomlinson and the Falcons chose Vick number 1). I would venture to say that the Chargers got the better end of that trade, especially since they drafted Drew Brees with their second round pick that they got for trading down.

See, it isn’t until emotions are removed that one can see what side of the trade is better after the seasons have been played. However, this Young+Harris+Pridie for Garza+Bartlett seems to be quite onesided, but let us have history make the correct call in several years.


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I went to the Twins D’Backs game on Friday night at the Metrodome. I am an avid Twins fan and was lucky enough to get tickets from a man in my church who is a season ticket holder (1st base side, edge of infield, 30 rows up bottom bowl. It sounds way higher than it really was. I was able to easily see balls and strikes and nothing was “hard to see”). The game was pretty dull except for the 3rd inning when the Twins rattled off 6 runs in about 12 pitches from Randy Johnson (who went the distance for the 8 inning complete game).

You know what really rattles my chain? Fans who talk the whole entire game about their fantasy teams, their softball team/league, and “You know what jersey would be awesome to have? (Fill in any ‘cool’ name here from before the mid 90’s) would be sweet.

I wasn’t the fact that they were talking, or what they were talking about. It was the sheer fact that during the game they talked LOUD, almost like they were at a party next to the sub loud. I didn’t mind hearing about their softball league problems, or which jersey would be ‘cool’ to own, but it was their sheer ignorance about fantasy baseball that ticked me off the most.

I heard that one of them dropped Jacoby Ellsbury for Carlos Gomez (who when running out into the field in the top of the first trip flat on his face). Not a bad drop in the very beginning, but not wise either. However, what pissed me off the most is that on the D’Backs roster the only player(s) they knew were Orlando Hudson, Mark Reynolds, and Randy Johnson. Now I am thinking “WTF, you don’t know about Chris Young (or Krispie (Chris B. Young to not get confused with Chris R. Young of the Padres (attribute the Krispie nickname to Rudy over at Razzball), or Brandon Lyons, or Qualls, or Stephen Drew. Frick, I could list most of their lineup and pitching staff (not to mention Dan Haren, Brandon Webb).

It just made me sick to hear about how bad one of their leagues members was at fantasy baseball, and then hearing them talk about how they didn’t know anyone on the D’Backs. The real thing is they were all cocky and talking up a big game about how good they were at fantasy baseball and how good they were at softball. Grow up, you’re in you late 20’s, early 30’s and you are still behaving like a pre-pubescences high school student.

Nothing bothers me more than two adults acting like they “own the world”, and having such as immature cocky attitude, and then talking so half the section can hear all about it.

*end rant.

I plan on doing more research post then thoughts about life/baseball. Just wanted to get something up for over the weekend.

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