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Back with the ever so thrilling Scouting the Unknown (or STU as I like to call it).  However, because it is the off-season there will be a few more ‘larger’ names thrown into the mix.  It will be more Scouting the Unknown about lower tier/overrated players.  Sure, its a cop out, but you tell me 3-4 new players that no one is looking at this off season… who was? … Fair enough and you thought I was crazy? Silly you!

Onto the plan…:

Mat Gamel (BREWERS)– Gamel has proven at each step he has taken he’s ready.  2008 was a brilliant year for this young slugger hitting .329 96/19/96  (Ave R/HR/RBI) in a little over 500 AB.  Not to shabby for a 22 year old in Double-A.  He did play in 5 AAA games with very little success, maybe it was his bum elbow.  Over at ScoutingBook.com they say he is, “A polished pro hitter, Gamel has all-fields line drive swing with developing power.”  Due to his defense, which is suspect to say the least, he may not be even in the mix for a while,  that is unless they want to see if he can hit like Braun and dismiss all defensive liabilities he will provide!  I would expect to see him during a late May–early June call up.

*For a wonderful article on Matt LaPorta, Mat Gamel, and Chris Davis here is an excellent article. ps- Matt LaPorta hit .167 in winter ball…

Blake DeWitt (LAD)– Sure he started all season, but why?  He only hit .268/.344/.383(Ave/OBP/SLG) with 45/9/52.  To put that into perspective, Carlos Gomez hit .258/.296/.360 with 79/7/59 plus 33 steals.  Sure Gomez was at that top of the order- for about 6 weeks.  Nevertheless, DeWitt should be inline for a DeMotion.  Those numbers, especially at 3B is pitiful, no horrendous is more like it.  If he was a catcher I would put up with it, but 3B? Are you kidding me? Are you… wait never mind.  His minor league numbers say it best- .280/.333/.446 and 277/61/270 in over 1900 AB.  That doesn’t look any better.  You are now looking at maybe a .012 improvement in his average, and at a season total of 60/16/65.  Nothing to look at here.

Cliff Lee (CLE)– I am sure you are wondering why Cliff Lee made this list…(refer up about, oh say 4 inches) OVER… RATED…!!! *chirping in the outfield, crickets whittling on their violins*  Easily a career year, 1.5 ERA less than his average, and .2 WHIP less than his career average too.  Sure he has always had a great winning percentage, but his numbers have never shown that he could dominate like he did last year.  Even his best year in the minors (2003) didn’t translate into big league success.  At age 30 he is past his prime (even for pitchers), and I would avoid him like the plague.  Just remember the year Bartolo Colon had after his CY Young…? Yea me either (he hasn’t had a full season since (2005)).  Don’t ever draft a historically late round pick… Yeah, I know, I am bitter because he should not have been so good last year.  It was a fluke beyond all flukes.  Like the Falcons beating the Vikings in ’98!

Hopefully this will tide you over for the next few days.


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Reading one of Yahoo’s home page articles, it stated that CC Sabathia has been pitching well over 100 pitches in his last 6 games. I agree with their statement which said something like this “Because the Indians are allowing Sabathia to throw so many pitches, the don’t really care much about his future.” I would say that is pretty good analysis. If you have read about my 3500 club that these guys sold me on, so it might be the best idea for the Indians to trade him anyway. Rumor has it that the Brewers would be willing to give them Mat Gamel, but Matt LaPorta would be untouchable (which is a good thing). For a late summer rental the Brewers would benefit because pitchers do better when they switch leagues because it takes the hitters a bit of time to get used to a new pitcher. I just thought it was interesting that the Indians would really think that Sabathia would have to work so deep in the game (though he only lost his last game and his last 5 starts he went more than 7, and complete one of those games). For an organization to care so little about their ace, no matter the future possibilities shows very little class.

*due to me being sick todays player list is quite a bit shorter.

Short today because I am sick.

Mike Pelfrey- Won his fourth straight game as he was given 11 runs in his 7 innings of work against the Cardinals. He Still walks to many for my taste, but if the Mets continue hitting like this for Mike, Johan will get quite frustrated by the end of the year.

Robinson Cano- Continues to rake as he went 2/3 last night, and has a hit in 8 of the last 9. Grab now before a frustrated owner gains his trust back.

Johnny Cueto- 8 strike outs in 7 innings of work allowing only 1 run, while picking up his seventh win of the season. He has had a quality start in 3 of his last 4 starts dating back to June 14th. This rookie started hot, struggled in May, then brought things together in June, and now in his first July start he pitched a swell game. Plus Dusty Baker seems to actually use a pitch count with Johnny unlike another pitch I know (Mark Prior, Edinson Volquez)

Conor Jackson- Minus an awfully pathetic May, he has hit a healthy .339 all the while slugging .527. Last night he continued his mid summer hot streak going 2/5 with the game winning two run single in the bottom of the ninth.

Jon Lester- Pitcher another complete gem, this time against the Yankees, at Yankee Stadium nonetheless. He 5 hit the Yanks, while striking out 8 in an efficient 105 pitch outing. With his control not totally being reigned in, he will still have a few eye squiting WTF games. But his talent level has been shown several times now this summer (no-hitter).

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