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It feels like it has been, well, forever. After securing a weekly Scouting the Unknown for Razzball, I am hoping to ease myself back into some sort of fantasy blog again this summer. This may become increasingly difficult as the summer progresses as my grandfather is nearing the end of his mortal time line, along with a stressful summer job that pays expensive private college tuition. Needless to say, at least a weekly post should be doable. Enough with season introduction formalities.

This year, more than last, seems to be surrounded by extraordinary amounts of prospect hype ranging from Strasburg, to Hanson, to Maybin, to Andrus, to Wieters, etc. Seriously, when did baseball become like football? The NFL draft and rookies have so much expectations placed upon them. Deemed as the next best thing, or the savior of the franchise, or worst, the next _____!

In recent years, baseball has been surprisingly blessed with Ryan Braun and Evan Longoria. They rose to the occasion and have become amazing ball players. But for every Braun or Longoria we have players like Marty Cordova (who one the Rookie of the Year in 1995) who hasn’t done anything since. Tommy Hanson and Matt Wieters are being hyped beyond sane believes. Its great that they have amazing talent, but very few times does their talent pan out in their rookie seasons. Wieters is struggling mightily so far this year, and Hanson has a so-so first start.

Why so much pessimism? It’s not because I am bitter or even vengeful. Instead, its because I see ESPN at the root of the problem trying to create buzz and “insight” while they ignore the complexities of a players rookie year. For example, look at Stephen Strasburg. He is the “next best” pitcher to every hold a baseball. USA Today recently that talked about Ben McDonald, who in ’89 was considered everrything that Strasburg is. How did his career turn out? Well he had mild success posting 78 W, 70 L, 3.91 ERA and a 1.26 WHIP in a 7 year career marred by injuries.

The thing as will all rookies is you never know. You never know who they will react to the intensity of professional sports, the demand the media places upon the rookies, or if the scouts were right. There are so many variables that are often unaccounted for when talking about rookies/prospects that I want to vomit.

Enough for this rant. The following articles will provide more insight and quality. For now this is what it is.


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Feather, cotton, memory foam, and even rocks on those camping trips have served as pillows, yet it takes a truly talented person to hurt themselves doing everyday tasks (like John Smoltz ironing his t-shirt while it was still on, to Marty Cordova sunburning himself to the 15-day DL, to a sneeze- God bless you Sammy Sosa). After today we have a new champion to receive the Klutz King title: Brandon Inge. He reportedly told the Free Press that “I have a 3-year-old son who sleeps in the bed with my wife and me,” Inge said. “I was trying to push the pillow down behind his head (two nights ago), and when I did … I repopped (the strained muscle). “You take swings in baseball, and it’s not as bad as pushing a pillow down.” Well I never knew it was so hard to readjust a pillow, maybe if it was a jock strap, which he has more practice moving around, he wouldn’t have hurt himself. And when did swinging a 32 ounce bat become harder than pushing a maliable , soft, couchy pillow? Man up (I guess he did by disclosing such a ridiculous injury excuse), and claim your new title while you push aside Sammy, Marty, and John as you are the new King in town.

Carlos Delgado- Massive day saw him hitting a grand slam, a 3-run homer, and a 2-run RBI. For a player that is in the twilight of his career todays numbers give him some respectable season totals with 13 home runs, and 43 RBIs. He is still a poor option to be playing everyday for most fantasy teams, but if you had him in today, props to you.

Curtis Granderson- He continued his hot hitting moving his streak up to 14 games. Back-to-back 4/5 games and his last three games he is 10/14. During this 14 game hitting streak he has moved his average .054 points. Now batting .294 on the season, and finally attempting to steal (though caught two nights ago, but got a steal last night), and the best part is that he had 2 triples tonight doubling his total this year. He isn’t just hot, he is sizzling tobasco hot.

Seth McClung- A bad outing against surging Twinkies. Not surprising as many NL starters are getting rocked against AL lineups when the AL is home. That and it was Minnesota’s second time seeing him in the last two weeks. After posting four straight quality starts in a row, he was due for a poor outing. Look for a better start early next week against the Diamondbacks when he pitched 6 innings of one run ball back in early June.

Jair Jurrjens- 8 innings of 3 hit ball, striking out 3. It was probably his best outing of the season. The Blue Jays on the other hand are an awful hitting team, so this might just be a blimp of his possibilities in the future. of great month. He is young with a lot of potential and will have a typical rookie roller coaster season.

Chase Utley- Still in a pretty big slump despite his recent 4/5 game on Tuesday. I was reading a wonderful report on him that was really impressive on my news link.

Prince Fielder- Another oh fer night against the Twinkies has brought his hitless streak to a season high of four games. In that span he is 0/17 dropping his average from .292 to .274. Granted this streak has coincided with a road trip as his home average is .313 compared to .250 on the road, just an observation.

Chris Davis (TEX)- He strikes out like Howard, and like Jay Bruce is doing and did in the minors. He has some pop, but only with marginal power (aka mid 20’s in a full season). Pickup at your own risk.

Brian Buscher- Finally putting it all together after struggling last year. With this last call-up he is 18/44 with 10/1/15 with a .375 batting average. He is a very timely hitter for the twins, and his call-up has coincided with the Twins winning streak (now up to 10 games). Tomorrow I will give a player break down on him. This waiver wire fodder is better than the air conditioner above.

CC Sabathia- Pitched 8 innings of shutout ball, while striking out 11 Reds while allowing only four hits. I think his funk in officially over. His last 10 outings have produced 8 quality starts, and all of them he has pitched at least 7 innings.

Edinson Volquez- I don’t know how I missed it yesterday, but he had his worst game of the season by far. Has Dusty Baker been riding our young starlet? If he has another poor start in his next outing it could make the dog days of summer even longer in Cincinnati, and for all you Volquez owners out there.

Clayton Kershaw- This year Lincecum? Um, more like over-hyped, and not totally prepared for the big leagues. Still young enough to adjust (DUH!), but probably not this year.

Nick Swisher- A grand slam, a double and two runs, a pretty nice night for a struggling Swisher. On pace for typical year (minus his career year in 2006). Just have to keep expectations lower than his 2006 numbers.

Kei Igawa- The Yanks are going to try and use him as their long reliever after the sent Ross Ohlendorf who got rocked today. Kei is definitely not the key to fit into this broken bullpen.

Carlos Pena- Can anyone say Brady Anderson (career stats here). Striking out at a 34% rate this year and a 30% rate for his career. He whiffs just as much as Ryan Howard, but Howard’s free air conditioning has proven to hit home runs. With a career average at .250 don’t expect more than 15 more homers all year.

Evan Longoria- I tell you to trade him and he goes out and hits his a three-run bomb for his 15th homer of the season. With a 4/5 day he has raised his average up from .248 to .272 during his five game hit streak. With a line of 41/15/46 he just might be this years Pence-Braun tweener (aka not as good as Braun, but better than Pence)

Jacob McGee- Keeping along the Tampa Bay Rays news, he will undergo Tommy Johns Surgery. This should just be a small set back as he is often given the title of the best minor league pitcher on his way to the majors. Now, we just have to wait a bit longer to see him in the majors, and maybe this will make some fantasy owners forget about him and he could fall through the holes in the near future.

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