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Is anything more boring than watching the Home Run Derby, especially with Chris Berman, Joe Morgan, and Steve Phillips as the announcers? I think I rather watch a Giants-Padres game at Pecto would be more legit than this contest. If it sounds like I’m a bit harsh on an event that was created for the MLB to acquire more money, well rightfully am. Two hours to watch the first round, and praise the Lord (PTL) that Josh Hamilton finished with a record 28 1st round homers. Not that Bobby Abreu’s second half numbers in 2005 reflected any power, but hey he did have the record for a few years. Lets hope that Josh’s spectacular season isn’t tarnished by a repeat of Abreu’s season.

After those two hours, I decided that I had seen enough, knowing that I had better things to do on a day when I woke up at 5:45 AM, like shower, post and sleep. Not that I care about who wins. Serious, its only there for awful, over hyped announcers to rant all nigh. How many times can a Chris Berman’s “Back… Back…. GONE!!!” can one hear in one night? I was going insane by the middle of Hamilton’s amazing feat, not by Chris but by Joe Morgan because with 8 outs Josh Hamilton was just crushing the ball (he hit a lot out with 8 outs, not sure the number but don’t really care to find out), but Joe kept saying, “I wish he’d hit an out so all the homers he gets will be on the money ball.” Or something along those lines. Kid you not he said that about 10 times, and then when Josh does get to that ball first contact he made was an out. Ironic no, satisfying to hear Morgan shut-up, yes.

Enough with my rant, I have to end it here because, well I didn’t watch anymore of the contest, and don’t care to know who one.

PS for those want to know, Justin Morneau over Hamilton. Looks like someone wore themselves out.

Other contestants: Ryan Braun, Chase Utley, Dan Uggla, Evan Longoria, Lance Berkman, Grady Sizemore.


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Wednesdays have to be the worst day of the week.  Not for the fact that they mark only the middle of the work week, but because you can’t really look forward to their coming.  They mark no importances, no almost the weekend, no beginning of the work week attitude.  Instead they bring the most longing for vacation, and pray for an important news story to report on.  Other than the Red Sox decimating my beloved Twins, I was swamped with work, and exhausted to really want to rant about anything more than reading as many box scores as I could.  With that in mind, here is what my weary eyes say in all those numbers:

Jeff Francoeur- hit his 9th homer of the season for the sole Braves run. Maybe that brief minor league stint helped.

Garrett Atkins- Quietly having a spectacular season for the unspectacular (underachieving?) Rockies. Last night he hit 2 homers and they were against Ben Sheets and Guilermo Mota, both two righties (SLG=.388 against RHP). The second half has started, so look for him to continue to rake. Plus if he gets traded it most likely will be to a contending team so he will have reasons to keep hitting in the second half.

Ben Sheets- Speaking of which, he struck out 11 in 6 IP, however took the loss because he gave up 3 runs. When did Glendon Rusch get permission to actually pitch well? And then he out duals Ben Sheets for the win. Stranger things have happened, but any Sheets owners should be happy that he isn’t injured yet.

Lance Berkman- Steals his 13th, and 14th base last night, while walking twice. A 20/20 season seems possible now (Thank you Cecil Cooper). Random tidbit: in his last 9 plate appearances he has walked 6 times.

Johan Santana- Threw only 78 pitches to make it through 5, with 5 k’s and 3 hits. What Charlie Manuel was think is anyone’s guess, but he still ended up with the win beating the Giants. Maybe they are saving him, but they have nothing to save him for (except for $137.5 million contract he has).

Francisco Rodriguez- Blew only his 3rd save of the season giving up 3 runs to the Rangers. Not to worry because his 35 saves (in 38 opportunities) have only taken 39 IP. He isn’t over taxed and he still should be fine down the stretch.

Brandon Morrow- While I am talking about closers, he got his 8th save of the season. It might have taken 5 pitchers to get to Morrow (as Miguel Batistia left in the 3rd with a strained Groin), but he continued he domination of the 9th inning.

Carlos Quentin- Hit his 20th and 21st homers on the season last night as he led the White Sox to a 6-5 win over the Royals.

Delmon Young- Heating up in last 10 he’s 15/40 and 8/2/8 (R/HR/RBI). Last year his best months were June, July, and August while tailing off in September (which I will attribute to being a rookies and a long grueling season). This year is much the same, so look for some productive months coming fourth from this underachieving stud.

Jason Kubel- Hit his 13th homer of the season, keeping pace with Justin Morneau for the team lead. He has always was a bright prospect, but an ACL tear in Arizona Fall League two years ago slowed his development. For those who kept faith in this Twin, he should continue to reward you for the rest of the season.

Denard Span- Not to be Twins happy, but he did lead off and played center-field today letting Carlos Gomez rest his 2/21 slump. Not an everyday player unless an injury comes into play, but Gomez has proven himself capable of providing a spark at the top of the lineup (though is 25%/3.5% [ k-rate/walk rate] doesn’t prove that he should be there).

Red Sox Team- Romped the Twins, beating Livan Hernandez and the rest of the bullpen 18-5. I need not mention all the numbers, but what a day at Fenway. Good thing it wasn’t at night, or no one would have have thought the sun went down with all the fireworks going off.

Carlos Marmol- Continues his struggles giving up a hit and 2 walks while creating a save situation for Kerry Wood. I am starting to think that his struggles could be linked to his overuse (51.1 IP this season in 50 appearances). The All-Star Break can’t come soon enough.

Sidney Ponson- Pitched 6 IP of 1 run ball. Don’t be fooled, even a blind man doesn’t always miss when he takes a piss.

Chase Headley- Continues to strike out going 1/4 with 2 more k’s bring his season total to 26 in 83 at bats for a 33% k-rate. Looks like Jay Bruce has a running mate for rookies whiffer of the year.

Eddie Bonine- With only 2 quality starts, and another awful perfomance, when are the Tigers going to replace him in the rotation. Well if they didn’t trade everything and the kitchen sink for Miguel Cabrera (who finally is hot, sizzling hot) and Dontrelle Willis they might have a pitcher they could call up.

Nate McLouth- 3 doubles bringing his total to 32 on the seaosn, and better yet is that he’s finally hitting again in July. Not that anyone should have been worried, but its nice to see it wasn’t a fluke.

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