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The Cubs didn’t surprise anybody yesterday by dealing for Rich Harden. The only surprising thing to me is that the Cubs and their fan actually expect Harden to make it through the whole year. What makes them think that moving to the NL is actually going to improve his health? I mean he actually has to bat to make it at least 3 innings, and a scary thought would be him having to run the bases if he does actually get on with that toothpick-and-paper body he calls flesh. God forbids that he can bunt without jamming a finger or two or swing that 32 oz bat without his arm falling out of his shoulder. He has spend as much time on the DL as he has spent pitching (aka healthy). I am not buying that this trade will automatically grant the Cubs a World Series berth. Though it may help their short term, I don’t see it paying off more than, say a month and a half. On to some more serious news:

C.C. Sabathia- Won his debut against the ice cold Rockies, though it wasn’t his sharpest outing of the year. He walked 5 and struck out the same in 6 IP, but it was enough last night. He was probably a bit nervous in his debut, but let for his outings to only get better from here on out.

Eugenio Velez- News outta San Fran is that this once hyped prospect (as far back as March) is being re-called. He was hitting .308/.371/.503 in 39 games in Triple-A, but his stolen base percentage was only at 62% (13 steals in 21 tries). Not sure how much playing time that he will actually receive but if you need help in steals he could surprise many again.

Tim Lincecum- In other Giants news, this Tiny Tim was roughed up by the Mets by allowing 4 runs on 2 homers and 9 hits while walking 2 batters suffering only his 2nd loss of the season. Yesterday I said that Bochy was idiotic for shuffling up the rotation so that Lincecum could pitch two time before the All-Star break. Looks like this really was a letigly stupid idea.

Chris Davis- Now with back to back games with a homer. That is his 4th homer at home this season, and he is the Wandy Rodriguez of hitters (enormuously better stats at home than the road). Still not sold on this free swinging ‘spect.

Jerry Hairston Jr.- Not often will I talk about a oh fer day, but he was robbed on all three of his at bats by the Cubbies. Totally sick-nasty way to end a day.

Ian Snell- Why do I keep talking about him? I am not sure either, but in 3.2 IP of rained shortening outing he threw 88 pitches. Not a great way to come back, but he only allowed a Hunter Pence homer in the 4th before the rain delayed the game. Still, I would wait and watch this wavier fodder.

Aaron Harang- 7 walks and 6 runs allowed in 4 1/3 IP equla 11th loss on the season. This wasn’t a pretty outing by Harang-atang by any means. His workload could be coming back to bite him in his butt. I am not seeing anything bright for his future, other than his k-rate. But if he cannot get some wins (I know this is related to his team scoring for him, but this last loss was his faulty) he wouldn’t be worth is ADP of 70th.

Nick Blackburn- Contray to Harang, he pitched a wonderful game allowing only 2 runs in 6.2 IP only to see the Twins usually stellar bullpen blow its second straight loss. He is old news, but this rookie is anchoring a young Twins rotation that has all of its starters at .500 or better.

Ryan Church- Continues to find himself on the DL in midst of his best season of his career. Such a sad tale as he surprised everyone by filling in for Moise Alou in the beginning of the season. He now has lost much of his value because of his DL stints.

Chase Headley- 3/5 with a double and 4 RBI on a night when the Padres offense decides to play Jekyll instead of Hide (much like their offense has all year, hiding). Again, he is a better home hitter which doesn’t favor him for the long term as Petco destroys hitters potential power numbers to only warning track power.

Justin Duchscherer- With a last name like that you would make any dyslexic want to kill himself. Back on topic he threw a 3 hit complete game shutout last night against the filleted, gutted, and god-awful Mariners (who’s Carlos Silva also pitched a complete game). I think Sidney Ponson could have gotten the win last night. Impressive non-the-less.

Jay Bruce- With an oh-fer day he struck out in all four of his plate appearances. Looks more and more like Alex Gordon then this years Pence-Braun ‘tweener.


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Shawn Chacon was put on waivers Thursday by the Houston Astros, a day after he got into a physical altercation with general manager Ed Wade.” (AP)

What a way to go out, if you are putting up his impressive numbers and feel entitled, go for it. While you are at it jump in the lions den carrying some deer meat, just don’t trip and break your collar bone. That would be like any employee going up to your CEO and in midst of your conversation you decide to ‘chest bump’ him/her, and then continue to badger and eventually have a ‘disagreement’. The Labor Union will of course get involved because the Astros are reportedly going to release him straight up if he clears waivers (which he probably will, I mean seriously who wants that, that or that), and if that happens there is about $2 million in salary that is going to have to be paid for by the Astros.

While Shawn was reverting back to puberty, here is what the rest of the league did:

Rich Harden- 95 pitches of pure brilliance in sheer domination of an impressive Philly’s lineup. 11 strike outs a walk, and 2 hits in eight innings of work sure brings tears to Richie’s faithful. 5-0 this year with 67 innings pitched almost equals all the work he has gotten the last two years combined (72.6). Barring another injury, we might have the comeback player of the year. I doubt it because him not getting hurt would be like Amy Winehouse not smoking crack, or Jose Canseco writing another steroids book. There’s no time like the present to sell for the future.

Matt Garza- Yet another brilliant and dominating performance today. To say that pitched excellent is not giving him enough props. He took a no-hitter into the seven and then gave up his only hit of the game, a solo shot by Ham-Ram. He gutted, filleted, and grilled up these fish for a impressive win, while striking out 10. (Being a Twins fan, I wonder if Delmon Young will last longer than Garza, but Garza is showing why he is so highly touted. Being two years Delmon’s senior, we wont know who got the better end in this trade, but with the way the Twins trade their players, and how well they know pitching I will assume that Minnesota got winning side.) Thats besides the point, Garza is a promising young pitcher, and I would grab him and ride him for the rest of the year.

*p.s. I wrote about Harden and Garza before MLB wrote theirs

Chicago Cubs- Lost their mid week series against the Orioles… at home nonetheless. Not that I care much because I hate bandwagon jumpers and hoppers more than anyone else does, but it is refreshing to see such ignorant fans cheer on their ‘cubbies’ but only know who one or two players are. Or worst yet, they only know what field the Cubs play their home games *you know who you are, and yes I do hold some grudges against people I know that are like this *cough cough!

Wandy Rodriguez- Continuing his impressive home/road splits, he k’d nine Rangers in eight innings, allowing only 5 hits and a rbi single by Ian Kinsler in the top of the eighth. That pushed his home record to 2-2, with 35k’s in 38 innings, 1.89 ERA, and a .94 WHIP. His away line is gross with a respectable ERA of 3.58, but a WHIP of 1.50. The biggest notable difference on his peripherals is his batting average allowed .204 (before tonights game)/.276 (home/away). By now we should all know to bench him on his away games and start him at home. For home is where his heart obviously is.

Ian Snell- Went on the DL retroactive to the 23rd of June. I promised you that this would happen, but now that we know it is the elbow we can only hope that he recovers well and pitches like he did last year in the second half (the reason many of us drafted him). I get really worried with pitchers have any type of elbow injury, so going forth I would advise using caution when thinking about Ian Snell from now on this year.

Chase Headley- After starting his big league career with a seven game hit streak, he is only 2 for his last 16 (stats up to date in the top of the ninth in todays game 6/26/2008). He has been dropped quite a bit in many Yahoo fantasy leagues. Rookie slumps are expected, just like taxes and death, ride it out if you like, but if your WW fodder is fertile swap your crop.

Joba Chamberlain- In his first really dominating start he struck out seven, walked only one, and allowed no runs on six hits in 6 2/3. Granted this was done against the recently struggling Pirates (4-6 in their last 10), and he was allowed to pitch 114 pitches. He consistently has been given more and more pitches, but there needs to be a cut off point (though I don’t think pitch counts should have a definite cut of point, but with a young arm it needs to be watched more closely than older veterans). He started the 7th off with a ground out and a strike out, but then back to back hits by Jack Wilson and Doug Mientkiewicz (that is worse that typing Saltalamacchia name). The most impressive thing to note is that this is his first time walking only one batter and being in line for the win (he did it one other time but only pitched 4 1/3 innings).

Evan Longoria- In his last ten games he has been HOT HOT HOT. With 7/4/11 and a .308 average to boot. Just a hot streak, but should be cooling off soon. Try and pawn him off as he has put together some good numbers of late.

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With only five games today, I had some time to think about my poor decisions I have already made (Tim Lincecum and Chipper Jones traded for Delmon Young, Kevin Kouzmanoff, and Carlos Marmol [done before the season started) & (Edinson Volquez and Kouzmanoff for Fielder (still iffy as Volquez might not make it all year). The worst part is that we are still not to the half way point (81 games). My tip for today is trust your gut on draft day and at least right your intial team until June. If I did I would be in the top 2 or 3, instead of the middle of the pack (in a 20 team league. Sitting at 7th right now). Damn impatiences!!!

Ryan Doumit– Rotoworld reports that he was symptom free and would be available to pinch hit on Tuesday if needed. Like I said here, concussions are very unpredictable and can have lasting affects even after everything feels ‘good to go’. Precede with caution, and don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.

Ian Snell– Will go on the DL, I promise you that. With the way he has pitched and the way that quality players have had a MRI and then been placed on the DL, Ian is sure to follow.

Carlos Marmol- After sitting down with his pitching coach he pinpointed his recent control problems which he said were mechanics flaws involving flying open too soon and not staying on top enough with his delivery. It isn’t necessarily a hard fix, but definitely one that might cause a few more ‘poor’ outings. Don’t worry though as Marmol is one of the best MR’s in the game.

Felix Hernandez- Hit a grand slam, but in the bottom of the fifth he got a Carlos Beltran spike caught against his left lower leg coving home plate on his own wild pitch. The official injury is a sprained left ankle. Quite sad if you ask me, he was pitching well of late, and was holding the Mets to two hits and run while pitching effeciently too (51 pitches in 4 1/3). More depressing is “Hernandez’s early departure also ended a streak of 41 consecutive starts of pitching at least five innings” (MLB.com) He will probably miss a start or two, but I think he will avoid the DL.

Ben Sheets- Dominated the Braves en route to a complete game win striking out seven walking zero, and allowing only four hits and one run. yet another impressive start for this ace. He has always had amazing, jaw-dropping stuff, but he always finds a way to get hurt. Right now Ben ‘paper’ Sheets hasn’t torn or sprained something, but I think you don’t want to keep holding this ticking injury bomb.

Jeff Francoeur- This smooth swing 24 year old has a BABIP of .278, which isn’t too bad, but the league average is around .300, and his GB, FB, and LD percentages (41%/38%/20.1% respectfully) are fairly decent with only the Fly ball on the poor side. We would prefer that the FB is up in the mid forties, but the line-drive and ground balls are respectable. He might not be the .300 hitter we saw last year, but the power isn’t there (HR/ab is right were teammate’s Kelly Johnson’s is (36 ab per homer). Last year he play a bit better after the ASB, and he hard surgery for his eyes, so maybe he will do better with this mantra “See Ball. Hit Ball.”

Jeff Keppinger– If your SS sucks, pick him up. He is legit, and is better than the scrap of heap most short stops provide. Need I say more?

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Ever looked at your team and thought you had a good day… that is until you continued scrolling down and saw your pitching? In my Yahoo league (my only league) I see my entire batting stats before I see any of my pitching. Well to my surprisingly over confidence in Ian Snell, my whole day was ruined. My batting was solid at 9/34, 4 runs, 2 doubles, 1 HR, 4 RBI, 1 SB, and 2BB. Nothing to write home about, but definitely could be worse (that and my team was struggling in hitting homers and driving in runs until about a month ago). So when I remembered that I had Snell start against the Southsiders, I hoped for an average day. Knowing that he has pitched awful this year, but has shown recent improvement I didn’t want to miss out on any possibilities of another Snell of old performance (and by old I mean last years potential he showed). Enough ranting, as my heartburn has subsided as I remove Snell from his next scheduled start.

Ian Snell- Who was in his bandwagon to start the year (you know you are out there, start shamelessly raising your hand (me)). I figured he would have turned his season around after having a good game against the D’Backs, and then against Washington. Oops, big mistake! How could I think that he could pitch well against the struggling South-Siders (5-5 Win-Loss in the last ten and their 6 game win streak against KC and MIN did not prove much in my books)? I guess I was wrong. I am starting to think that he is a bust for this year. Tonight he walked 6, allowed 9 hits and 7 runs all in 4 innings of work. That takes talent to perform so poorly. Keep him on your bench if you still have faith in his potential for striking people out (next start is against Toronto, who he should sit anyway), but until he proves himself against top teams, he might be worth dropping in almost all format.

Hiroki Kuroda- Is having a MRI on his pitching shoulder following his worst performance of the season. This could be bad news for owners everywhere (and I held on to him after his CG SHO, and his next best start). If you sold him, great job. If not, you’re SOL.

Michael Bourn- Don’t look now, but he is nine for his last 20. They have all been singles, but he has scored only four times, which is more a product of his team (though 4 of the 10 times he is on base in this streak he has scored which is still good). The best part though is that he has stolen 3 bases. Although not stealing as many bases as he was in the beginning of the seasons, he is now back to at least getting on base to have a chance for those steals.

Ty Wigginton- Last year his best months were June and July, and so far this June he is pretty shaky. Look for a bit of a rebound and the best part is his multiple position eligibility that he has.

Robinson Cano- As most dedicated fantasy players know he is a Post-All-star beast. Look to buy low, and reap the benefits in the second half. I know I did and am looking forward to his +.182 second-half slugging that he has(.906 slugging post compared to .724 pre-all-star break).
Jason Bartlett- Stole his 15th base last night and went 2/4 to boot. He now has a mini hit streak going on of four games (7/13 in that span, with two runs, four RBIs, and four stolen bases). His slugging and OPS is off by a hundred points from last year, and he had a July swoon with a massive August. However, he is on pace to pass his 23 steals from last year.

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One of the hardest decisions that you as a manager have to make is whether or not to hold on to your ‘star’ producer. Is the latest hot streak legit? Is this cold streak player x for real? Do I trade high, sell low, or holdout and hope things stay the same?

Due to my night owl tendencies, my desire to show up my friends, and my longing to find that next hot streak to ride I am always looking to deal my players. In my first year I was really hesitant to trade my ‘star’ players and even my popular named players because I felt like they would always come around. The truth is that sometimes last year number will never be reproduced (thank you very much Ian Snell). Or the worst is that you over valued a player at draft time and they have yet to produce what you expected them to do (Curtis Granderson, Joba Chamberlain).

So here the late night second guessing comes in to play. I cannot make the decision for you to trade a player, but in this game if you create a personal attachment to a player you are going to develop a skewed sense of what that player can accomplish.

This happens to many people who draft last year’s saviors for their teams. This is extremely tempting to do; I was in this situation this year with Ryan Braun. He single-handedly saved my team from oblivion in my 20 team league (went from 12 to finishing in 6th by .5 point). I know a team that took Dontrelle Willis in the first round last year because in the previous year he saved his ass. This, by itself isn’t a bad thing, but when all your decisions have this much personal attachment to them you will have a negatively skewed idea of what a player will do for you now and in the future.

These personal attachments usually are your favorite player(s), or players from your hometown team. I have seen Red Sox teams, White Sox teams, and Minnesota teams in my league and even if your favorite team is the World Series winners, that doesn’t meant they will lead you to fantasy baseball championships. So essentially what needs to happen is that you lose all personal attachments to players and teams to put in place a championship winning team.

Now go make some trades that will benefit you in the long run. If there is one thing that I want you to remember it would be this, “The past is done, the present is what you sell, and the future is what you buy”.

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